Adventure Challenges

Impossible adventures, made possible.

Large Minority exists to provide you with the best gosh-darned adventure challenges in the world! From driving tuk tuks across Sri Lanka and Cambodia to sailing in the Philippines and exploring the Amazon Rainforest in South America, we make the surreal, real. We’ve put in the hard graft and organised everything for you. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy the adventure. Checking a map every now and then is encouraged, but ultimately optional.

“Everyone I tell about my time on the Cambo Challenge, even those who have been to Cambodia, are jealous of it. It’s quite literally the adventure of a lifetime.” Lianne Dawes

During the days, you’ll be set checkpoints to reach and challenges to complete, and it’s up to you and your teammates to come up with the best way to get stuff done. Think The Amazing Race, minus the TV cameras and annoying presenters. During the evenings, whether you’re camping next to a remote lake or nestling in to a boutique hotel, you’ll be toasting your success and swapping the day’s stories with your fellow adventurers. And boy, will there be stories.

“I’ve been travelling for over 40 years, and the Lanka Challenge is far and away the most incredible and rewarding trip I’ve ever done. The most admirable aspect was the ‘light touch’ achieved – never bossy or prescriptive, just gentle guidance and warning.”  Ross Letten

Our trips are adventure challenges. They’ll challenge you mentally and physically, but there’ll be enough help and support along the way to get you over the line. And the best part? Our challenges are designed to benefit the countries we visit. We make sure our trips give more to the locals than they take, so you can rest assured that your kickass adventure is having a direct, positive impact on the communities you’ll pass through.

We believe that adventure should be combined with comfort. So after a full day of dirty driving or sailing we pamper you from time to time at some of the finest boutique hotels. We also build from scratch incredible campsites at national parks and temples, and for your convenience include your breakfasts and dinners throughout the adventure challenges.

Why are our Adventure Challenges so awesome?

  • We offer the most adventurous, team-based competitive group travel experiences you can find.

  •  10% of every dollar we get goes straight back to flagship charity projects and tree-planting campaigns in the countries we visit.

  • We’ve put together our own, creative routes.

  • You’ll socialize every night with fellow adventurers.

  • From camping and homestays to boutique, luxury accommodation – you’ll experience it all.

  • All of our Adventure Challenges are geared around fundraising and responsible travel.

  • You’ll be tested with navigational, cultural and physical challenges.

  • Our trips are truly life-changing experiences that you couldn’t replicate on your own!

Large Minority Travel: purveyors of rebellious, forward-thinking, creative and novel travel experiences. That’s it.

Our Crew


 Adventure Challenges

Julian Carnall 


Our Kenyan rafiki has the job of setting out into the wide, blue yonder and hunting for destinations. He’s also usually on the ground operating our Challenges.

Julian has worked in tourism, hospitality and events in countries such as; France, U.A.E, Switzerland, UK, Kenya, Cambodia & Sri Lanka.

Adventure Challenges


Juan Paredes


Our Colombian legend is the instigator behind the inspiring Large minority escapade. As our creative operator, he enjoys creating life-changing adventures.

Juan has been involved in events, hospitality and tourism projects in countries such as; Cambodia, South Africa, U.S.A, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and U.A.E.

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