Adventure Challenges

Large Minority offers you adventurous, team-based competitive group travel experiences that give back. In addition to having the time of your life on our adventure challenges, you’ll be contributing to the lives of locals and the environment. 10% of every dollar we get goes straight back to flagship charity projects and tree-planting campaigns in the countries we visit. So you can rest assured that your kickass adventure holiday is having a direct, positive impact on the communities you’ll pass through.

“Everyone I tell about my time on the Cambo Challenge, even those who have been to Cambodia, are jealous of it. It’s quite literally the adventure of a lifetime.” Lianne Dawes

How do our Adventure Challenges work?

During the days, you’ll be set checkpoints to reach and challenges to complete, and it’s up to you and your teammates to come up with the best way to get stuff done. Think of our Adventure Challenges as a down to earth version of The Amazing Race. During the evenings, you’ll be toasting your success and swapping the day’s stories with your fellow adventurers from all over globe. And boy, will there be stories.

The Challenges are broken up into various legs. Each team gets a road map and a daily navigational sheet, which they’ll use to get from A to B each day. The winning team isn’t necessarily the team that finishes first, it’s the one that accumulates the most Challenge points. How do you get points? By nailing various challenges, we set you along the way. That means that racing is not really encouraged. In fact it’s actively discouraged. There’s no need to set a new speed record. We’ll provide support when you need it, but essentially you’ll be in charge of your own adventure.

“I’ve been travelling for over 40 years, and the Lanka Challenge is far and away the most incredible and rewarding trip I’ve ever done. The most admirable aspect was the ‘light touch’ achieved – never bossy or prescriptive, just gentle guidance and warning.”  Ross Letten

We believe that adventure should be combined with some comfort so we like to mix up our accommodation. After a full day of dirty adventures we treat you (from time to time) to some amazing boutique hotels. We also build from scratch incredible campsites at national parks and temples, and for your convenience include your breakfasts and dinners throughout our adventure challenges.

We take your safety seriously, so we organize all of the Challenge logistics & legal stuff (i.e support team, ambulance or medic, mechanics, luggage trucks, permits, etc.) We also include emergency & medical travel insurance for the duration of the Challenge.

Do you have what it takes?

When you go on a genuinely life-changing trip, you don’t come back the same person. You’re usually stronger, more confident, and are rocking a pretty excellent tan. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: when you venture out, good things happen. That’s what life-changing adventure challenges are all about. Our trips are Challenges. They’ll challenge you mentally and physically, but there’ll be enough help and support along the way to get you over the line. Do you have what it takes?

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