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Like Apocalypto, but less scary. Bring it on.

Amazon Challenge more info

If you ever watched Indiana Jones navigate his way through treacherous jungle, dodging snakes and piranhas and looking badass, and thought, ‘Pfft, I could do that’ – now’s the time to prove it. Introducing our Amazon Challenge.

Imagine yourself in the jungle, miles from anywhere, stuck in a dugout canoe, hoping that thing floating nearby is a log and not a caiman, and trying to find a hidden lake where your only hope of progressing is to search out your next clue. Imagine an 8-day trip from Leticia in the Colombian Amazon, paddling in local canoes and Amazonian longboats, completing crazy challenges and sleeping in hammocks beneath the trees.

 Sound good? Read on, Harrison Ford.

The Amazon Challenge is a challenge, not a race (the clue’s in the title). That means you don’t get extra points for speeding through the whole thing in a blur of green. Teams will embark on an 8-day adventure through some of the most remote parts of the Amazon, the famous Golden Triangle. You’ll compete in a bunch of cultural and physical challenges, and the better you do on those challenges the more points you get. Easy.

How many people per team?

A team is made up of 2 people. Apparently there is no ‘I’ in it.

Can I book my own accommodation?

Unfortunately, no. Only because each leg will start from the hotel / over-night stop and the idea is to share our challenging travel experience together. Most importantly you wouldn’t want to miss out on each night’s social gatherings…

Is there an age limit?

Yep, you’ve got to be at least 18 years old in order to compete. We don’t have a maximum age, but if you’re over 65 we definitely recommend checking with your insurer to make sure you qualify for the medical insurance you’ll need to take part. The Challenge is pretty physically tough – we won’t sugar-coat it. You should really only take part if you’re in good physical shape and your health is A-Okay.

What should I bring along?

Well it´s going be pretty hot and humid in the Amazon Rainforest. Expect rainfall, and plenty of mosquitoes and tarantulas as big as your face (we’re just kidding – they’re more like hand size). Make sure to bring your travel essentials and whatever you think might make your long days more comfortable and entertaining. For everything else we’ll send you a Survival challenge kit list before you depart.

How about luggage?

Each day your bags will be transferred from point to point on a dry boat meaning if all goes to plan (it will go to plan) then you will have a nice and dry set of clothes to put on every day and night. You will however, have to carry your own bags from time to time, so we definitely recommend packing light and bringing a backpack with a rainproof cover.

Is it going to be dangerous?

Not really, but it will definitely be challenging. Dealing with heat, humidity and creepy crawlies is the big thing, but you’ll definitely make it out in one piece. If you’re sensible, cautious and responsible you’ll be fine. Besides, we will have a serious crew looking after you – which includes medical personnel.

As you can imagine, the Amazon is a challenging place where you need to be flexible, open-minded and well prepared. In certain places there is only limited electricity and in others none at all. We have selected accommodation that will always be clean, but due to a lack of infrastructure in the area, hot water, A/C and even fans are sometimes a luxury.

Do I need special insurance?

Yes and your team entry fee includes an Emergency & Medical travel insurance for the duration of the Challenge. If you’d like to get additional travel insurance to cover things such as luggage loss and flight cancellation etc., we’ve got a few companies we’ve used before and can recommend. If you’re an EU resident, try Campbell Irvine. For everyone else, head to World Nomads.

Can my team entry be sponsored?

Definitely! We love to see teams going the extra mile to raise money for charity. Just be aware that the tuk tuks we use have limited branding space (we take up some for our own branding purposes). If you need more info on this, just let us know.

How do I register?

Easy peasy. Here’s how:

  1. Signup here.
  2. Pay your initial deposit.

Once you’ve done all that successfully, we’ll send you an email with lots of exclamation marks confirming your team’s availability.

Once I register what other docs do I need?

Once your registration is locked and loaded, we’ll email you and ask you to provide us with:

  1. A passport copy for each team member (we promise not to laugh at the photos).
  2. Your arrival and departure details.

We’ll double check all these docs on the ground, so please bring copies with you.

When do registrations close?

30 days before the Challenge starts.

Do I need to bring my own camping gear?

Nope. We’ll provide the sleeping bags and the marshmallows as necessary. However it might be good to bring a torch.

Who needs a Colombia visa?

Ah visas, our old nemesis. Most countries can get a 30-day tourist visa on arrival. For more info click here. Visas to enter Peru and Brazil are not required in the Amazon golden triangle ‘tres fronteras’ due to a special treaty. Nice one.

Can the route change?

We try to stick to the original route and accommodation as much as possible, but they can be subject to change from time to time. We’ve got more info in our Ts & Cs.

Is it expensive in The Amazon?

Not really. This isn’t Times Square, if you catch our drift. As with most South American countries, local food, drinks etc. are pretty cheap. Some western luxuries can be a little pricey, but still reasonable by home standards.

Will there be internet connection throughout?

Only in Leticia and it’s very slow. Like Amazon slow. We recommend getting a local SIM card with a 4G package (which works in a few areas).


90% of the Colombian population is Catholic. Some of the indigenous communities in the Amazon follow Catholicism, however others follow different ancestral beliefs.

What languages are spoken in the Amazon?

Spanish and Portuguese, plus various indigenous dialects. If you meet a long lost tribe and greet them with a ‘Sup?’ they probably won’t understand.

What currency should I bring along?

It’s very important that you have a stash of Colombian pesos for the trip. ATM’s and Currency Exchange Offices are available in Leticia. Nuevos Soles (Peruvian currency) and Reales (Brazilian currency) can be used too, however Colombian Pesos are widely accepted in these countries. ATM access in the jungle is limited, to say the least. We recommend that you bring enough cash for the entire duration of the trip.

What’s the weather like?

Hot, humid and jungle-y, but not unbearable. Usually anything from 25 to 38 Degrees Celsius.

Do I need vaccinations before I come to Colombia?

This is completely up to you (and your doc), but generally it’s a good idea to be up-to-date with standard vaccinations like Tetanus, Hap A and Polio. Other jabs to consider are Tuberculosis, Meningitis and Typhoid. Anti-malaria meds might also be a good idea. If in doubt, check with your GP.

Where should I fly into?

Most of you will have to fly to Bogota first and then connect to Leticia. We recommend flying with Avianca or Latam. Alfredo Vasquez Cobo Airport is a 10-minute ride to the starting hotel.

Why is the Amazon so damn amazing?

How much time do you have? It’s the world longest river and largest rainforest. It’s home to hundreds of friendly indigenous tribes, some of whom have had very little contact with the outside world. Some of the rainforest you’ll be trekking through has hardly seen another human in its lifetime. And it’s home to dozens of amazing creatures straight out of a David Attenborough documentary. If you want remote, crazy adventure – this is where you go.

Payment Method & Terms:

  • Only USD$499 / £333 deposit required to signup.
  • Outstanding amount is required 90 days before the start of Challenge.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Non-refundable deposit.
  • 89 to 30 days prior to start of the Challenge – 50% cancellation charges apply.
  • 29 days to start of the Challenge – 100% cancellation charges apply.

For more information please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions.

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