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Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventures

The ultimate Sri Lanka Adventure - drive a tuk-tuk, explore the country and complete challenges

Sri Lanka


The Adventure

Imagine being able to tell your mates that you travelled 1,000km around Sri Lanka. In a rickshaw. A rickshaw that you drove. That, friends, is the Lanka Challenge rickshaw adventure: the ultimate road trip for those who like their travel fully-charged and no-holds-barred. Each day you’ll wake up, be told where you need to be by sundown, and get handed a list of challenges to complete along the way – the completion of which will see your team accrue points. The rest is up to you, you big legend.

Questions you will be forced to ask yourself during the Lanka Challenge include: Who’s going to go and get a photo of that crocodile? Who’s going to get us invited to a local’s place for lunch? Who’s going to take one for the team in the chilli-eating challenge? What day is it? And where did I put my Imodium? One hell of an amazing time is guaranteed. Life-changing experiences are probable. Navigational stupidity is optional.

Less travelled but no less exhilarating, our Northern Route will take you all the way up to the history-rich Jaffna and back down to beautiful beachside Trincomalee, and sometimes even further down the East Coast. Along the way, countless incredible landscapes will be thrust upon your face, and you’ll probably struggle to compute the severity of the serenity of it all. Best take a camera, then.

Everything will be ready for you. You just have to get there to start the adventure of a lifetime.

The Highlights

We are sure you want to know more about what really makes this trip unique... so here we go



Our Sri Lanka tuk-tuk adventure does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s in Sri Lanka. It’s an Adventure. You drive your own tuk-tuk’s. And an Sri Lanka adventure is pretty much guaranteed. But really, there’s so much more in the tin than that: there’s vineyards, getting lost and the occasional bit of road rage.

Fun guaranteed

Fun guaranteed

Our tuk-tuk adventure is about new experiences, cultural immersion but mainly about having fun – the adventure type of fun. Where you have to work for it, get dirty but finish off indulging in a fresh drink and outrageously delicious food while laughing about the challenges of today.

Win a Prize

Win a Prize

Join, accumulate points and win a prize. How do you get points? By nailing various challenges, we set you along the way. It’s not a race, it is an adventure challenge! So forget about setting a new Sri Lanken ground-speed record in a tuk-tuk.

Our Sri Lanka tuk-tuk adventure will test your wits, endurance, navigational skills and communication skills to the absolute maxxx (yes, three x’s). 

What else is there to say? As far as we’re concerned, there are two ways to see Sri Lanka: in a tuk-tuk, or not in a tuk-tuk. And we’re going with one.

Who’s coming?  

 Training and driving lessons on arrival day.

✔ Half-board. Delicious locally-made breakfasts and dinners at hotels.

✔ Hire and use of 1 genuine, ready to go vehicle for duration of challenge.

✔ Accommodation for all nights in double or twin rooms. 

✔ Challenge logistics & legal stuff (mechanics, ambulance, support team, permits, luggage truck & support vehicles).

✔ Welcome pack (sim card and phone, map, t-shirt, event bag, phrase-book & navigational sheets).

✔ Awards ceremony & farewell party.

✔ 10 % contribution to our Meaningful Travel projects

Flights, visas, airport transfers.

Day to day costs (lunch, dinner, drinks & gratuities)

Spare parts and repairs (approx. total £40-120 per team).

Fuel (approx. total £100 per team).


Check out what others have said about our Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure.


“THE best way to see a country! Adventure, excitement, laughter, education, and tons of fun. Lanka and Cambodia were some of the best trips I've ever been on. Highly recommend these guys!”

Natasha T.


“The Lanka Challenge is in my top 5 trips of a lifetime, without a doubt. If you're considering traveling with Large Minority, do yourself a favor and book right away! The ingenious and very well thought-out challenges, stunning destinations, wonderful locals and brilliant fellow travelers made this a trip to remember - and to repeat. I went on the Lanka Challenge in August 2016 with two girlfriends and I'm hoping to book the Philippines Challenge soon with my fiancé.”

Giulia R.