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Life changing adventures.

Team adventures and challenges in beautiful locations that give back to the communities we visit.





Since organising the first ever tuk-tuk adventure around Sri Lanka in 2009, we’ve been striving to create the best gosh-darned adventure holidays in the world! From driving tuk-tuks across Sri Lanka and Cambodia, Italy and Croatia, to sailing the pristine islands of the Philippines and exploring the Amazon jungle in Colombia, we make the surreal, real. Some good old-fashioned adventure goodness. We’ve put in the hard graft and organised all the very best bits so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the adventure by day and relax in well-earned comfort at night. Checking a map every now and then is encouraged, but ultimately optional. Changing the way we see the world, one awesome adventure at a time!

About Our Adventures

A mental and physical challenge.

Our Adventures

Upcoming Adventures

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure


June 15 - 22 2024· 7 nights

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the lakes, vineyards and contrasting landscapes of Northern Italy.


Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure - July

Sri Lanka

July 5 - 14 2024· 9 nights

Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure - July

Three wheels. Two tuks. One epic ride.


Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure


July 20 - 27 2024· 7 nights

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the lakes, vineyards and contrasting landscapes of Northern Italy.


Pakistan Tuk-Tuk Adventure


September 23 - October 2 2024· 9 nights

Pakistan Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the rugged, contrasting landscapes of Northern Pakistan.


Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure


November 22 - 30 2024· 8 nights

Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Start your engines. We’re going to Cambodia.



We are excited to share with you some of the travel testimonials from our past adventurists, who have enjoyed life-changing journeys with us.


As a Tuk Tuk ‘virgin’ but an Italy ‘veteran’ I was really excited to join the inaugural Italy Tuk Tuk Adventure….and I was definitely not disappointed. From magnificent countryside to the mayhem of Milan, through the Barolo wine country and along the Mediterranean coast we had a blast!

Mark, Team Mark


This trip was a great chance to enjoy Western niceties whilst still having the fun of the tuktuks. The locals loved them, weather was great, as were the food and drink and the views and sites too. A great first timers option – take the plunge for something different!

Dave, Team Can’t Catch This


Putting the race aside for a second, the Amazon Challenge was the most authentic trip I have been on in my life as a traveller. You go DEEP into places few have ventured, and really feel like you’re getting the full experience. Its a great mix of challenge and immersion.

Mike Corey (Canadian), Team Kick the Grind


Personal growth, adventure, total cultural immersion, beautiful surroundings, cut throat card games and caipirinhas in the jungle… We started our trip a little apprehensive but our survival rating soared as we not only fished for piranhas but swam with them as well.

Jessica Rader (American), Team Porque No?


The guys have this trip down to a fine art. During our travel we were far enough off the beaten track to feel this was a proper adventure but also supported just the right amount to know that if we really needed something we would be supported.

Nicholas Tyral (Australian), Team TNT-oi


Large Minority managed to strike the perfect balance between organisation rigour and genuine personal adventure. Their attention to detail, which was unflappable, did not in any way hinder the personal freedom and liberation of seeing the beautiful country, which is Sri Lanka, from the drivers’ seat of a tuk-tuk.

Chris O´rell (South African), Team Top Cougar


Well they say your honeymoon should be something you never forget and this sure has been that!! Thanks to Julian and Juan from Large Minority for an amazing Cambo Challenge, we had a fab time and experienced Asia in a way you never would on your own.

Vicky Brentnall (British), Team Newlyweds



Travel is way too important not to do it properly. If you’re going to cross oceans, explore the Amazon Rainforest and ride tuk tuks in the name of Adventure, it may as well be responsible adventure & responsible travel: a trip that treads lightly, eats noisily and gives a little something back.

All of our Adventure Challenges are geared around fundraising and responsible travel. It’s kind of our thing. That means that up to 5% of our profit goes straight back to flagship charity projects and tree-planting campaigns in the countries we visit. The grassroots organisations that can really make a difference in the world.

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