Previous adventurers

We are excited to share with you some of the travel testimonials from our past adventurists, who have enjoyed life-changing journeys with us. If you are an adventure seeker in search of novel travel experiences, then our trips are definitively for you. Our past travellers have come from all over the world and have ranged dramatically in age, fitness level and ‘adventurousness’. Let’s just say that if you’re reading this and thinking: ‘that sounds fun’, you’re our kind of traveller.”

Most folks love their first trip so much, that they actually come back for a second (and even third) adventure. Some people have even chosen our adventure Challenges for marriage proposals, honeymoons, and wedding anniversaries! Perhaps it´s because we´re so passionate about creating unique and meaningful adventures with just the right balance of comfort, service standards and organisation rigour!

Italy Adventure

Check out our testimonials from past participants of the Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure

¨Yes, that was really a WOW and crazy adventure and I really enjoyed it very much. The first thing I would like to comment is about Mark and Luigi. They did a great job taking care of us. Their organisation, kindness, patience and professionalism made the whole trip a wonderful experience. Also the efficiency how you handled the ¨break down¨ ,  I was impressed! 

This was my first Tuk-Tuk Trip, so for me everything was new and exciting. I enjoyed the nice hotels and the hospitality of the hosts. All in all a truly memorable Tuk-Tuk adventure. I am so very happy that I was part of it. Yeahhh!!  

Daniela, Team The Swiss Trotter Rebels

"Just a short note to say how perfectly the private trip was put together - it was a masterpiece, great food, great hotels and a wonderful countryside,  cannot fault anything - thanks so much" 

Mark Jones

“Take the plunge for something different!”

“Went on the inaugural Italy adventure and it was great. A previous customer from Sri Lanka and Cambodia so doing a convenient week long European trip was perfect for maximal holiday time. This trip was a great chance to enjoy Western niceties whilst still having the fun of the tuktuks. The locals loved them, weather was great, as were the food and drink and the views and sites too. A great first timers option – take the plunge for something different!”

Dave, Team Can’t Catch This

The Italy Tuk-Tuk adventure was a special holiday indeed! Excellent support and communication from Richard and Niko [LM team]. Lovely accommodations, plus thoughtful options like the pasta make-it-then-eat-it meal. Our fellow travelers, previously unknown to us, all brought joy, humor and positive attitudes. For us, it was just the right balance of "togetherness" and independent wandering about every day. Even the rainy days were a treat! Highly recommend this tour. 

Eileen, Team Festina Lente

Mark, Team Mark

“Fantastic hotels and wonderful food and wine”

“As a Tuk Tuk ‘virgin’ but an Italy ‘veteran’ I was really excited to join the inaugural Italy Tuk Tuk Adventure….and I was definitely not disappointed. From magnificent countryside to the mayhem of Milan, through the Barolo wine country and along the Mediterranean coast we had a blast! Fantastic hotels and wonderful food and wine (and the company was pretty good, too) we spent 8 days in this beautiful country amusing the locals and impressing even the most hardened Italian bikers in our 7 horsepower steeds. I’ll definitely be back….and I can’t wait.”


Tania Coutts

What did you like most about the Adventure?

¨Absolutely everything - went beyond our expectations yet again. Perfectly organised for our group of 16. Enjoyed the daily challenges and how it created opportunities for us to explore different things. Loved the variety of accommodations and the people we met along the way. Appreciate the Large Minority team and can't wait for our next adventure. Our whole NZ team were so impressed - it was amazing to bring 12 'newbies.¨ 

Sri Lanka Adventure

Check out our testimonials from past participants of the Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure 

“There’s no better way to truly experience a country than to live as the locals would. The unforgettable moments come when you go out of your comfort zone. Large Minority not only achieves this, but excels at it every step of the way on the Lanka Challenge. Each day you’re encouraged to try and discover new things, and doing this on a Tuk Tuk brings this immersion to another level.

Sri Lanka is an amazing place, overflowing with culture, fascinating history and jaw-dropping scenery. But what makes this trip stand out is the people that you meet along the way. Whether it’s the warm and welcoming locals, your Lanka Challenge competitors, the Large Minority staff or your faithful Tuk-Tuk companions, the bonds and memories forged on this trip are what make it an unparalleled experience. My friends and I plan trips around the world on an annual basis, and we now regret setting the bar impossibly high. We’ll be talking about this one for a lifetime. ”

Kyle Harrison

“Driving your own Tuk Tuk is the absolute best way to see the beautiful country of Sri Lanka and experience the hospitality, kindness and charm of the people.
These little machines each have their own personalities and you will get to knows yours. There will probably be some arguments with it but there will also be a hole lot of love.
Do you think – “sounds great, but how do I organise it? ” No worries, all logistics, mechanics and permits are all taken care of for you.
All you have to do is to sign up and navigate your way through Sri Lanka.
Did you just see a sign about elephants crossing the road and didn’t get the picture. Well no problem, you just turn around and get your pic. No chauffeur will complain about time and money, cause you are your own chauffeur.
How fiercely you want to take on the challenges and the competition part is all up to you. But give it a try and it will bring you closer to the Sri Lankan culture and it is great fun.” 

“There is no way, like the Tuk Tuk way”

“I’m not really into group / organised travel but this was the best combination ever. You were independent during the day driving around in your Tuk Tuk, then at the end of the day there were a whole group of people who had experienced similar adventures and challenges as you throughout the day. It was great to unwind and share your stories over a drink each evening with the other teams. Accommodation and meals were exceptional, a great finish to the day. The organisation, support and professionalism of the Large Minority crew was fantastic. We loved the ‘keeping it local’ vibe, everything we did helped the local community in some way. A unique and rewarding way to travel. Daily challenges put you up close and personal with the ‘real’ Sri Lanka and the beautiful people that only want to smile and help you.
Despite the shocking event in Colombo on Easter Sunday whilst we were on our Lanka Challenge, not once did we feel afraid or concerned for our safety. The organisers and their ‘behind the scenes’ connections with authorities made sure we were all safe and we never felt vulnerable in any way.
We crossed the finish line, came 4th, won best dressed and raised over A$1000 in the Lanka Challenge. Sri Lanka you were awesome!
I highly recommend going on one of the Large Minority adventures.” 

Vanessa Bugg, No Tuking Idea

Sally - Team Dames from Downunder

This was the most amazing, immersive type trip I have ever taken

This was the most amazing, immersive type trip I have every taken. I was challenged at time and felt huge pride at some of my accomplishments. Thank You again for providing this opportunity it was sensational.

Q.What did you like most about the Adventure?

A.That it pushed us to engage, even without a common language




Anders Hinding, Team Duck Duck

“What a nice punch in the comfort zone”

“This is easily the most fun vacation I’ve ever had. Having bought groceries and asking around to see if someone would invite us to their home and teach us to make fish curry, is so far out of my comfort zone that I could almost feel my stomach turn around looking for a new host, when I heard the assignment. But that was before I had experienced Sri Lankan hospitality. Probably the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met, and of course we succeeded and had the time of our life making fish curry in the back of a small shop. The whole experience was fun but also challenging as you spend a lot of time focussing on the challenges while trying to navigate the purposefully (is that a word?) hopeless maps of Sri Lanka with your compass. After 10 hours of Tuk’ing you are more then ready to arrive at the absolutely fabulous places we were staying, and enjoy a cold beverage, whilst at the same time trying to cope the experiences of the day, while sharing them with the other participants. I would definitely recommend this, but probably not to anyone, as it is a very active and interacting way of being on vacation, but if you just are a little curious, it might be enough.”


3 British Women and 1 Tuk Tuk, The Sri Lankanshire Lasses

“It was exciting and life-changing for us”

As 3 blond, middle aged women, driving a Tuk Tuk around Sri Lanka, we were bound to attract a lot of attention and as competitors in the Lanka challenge it is fair to say that we were an unlikely team and by far the out and out underdogs. Our main aim was simply to get to the end and never at anytime did we contemplate winning it so no one was more surprised than we were when we did. We feel that if we can do this then anyone can. Each morning our adrenaline would be pumping anxious to see what was in store for us and only once the challenge was underway would we settle into some kind of normality. With the challenges being designed to prick the conscious, tackle your wherewithal and at the same time be enjoyable, I can honestly say that we have cried happy tears, cried sad tears and laughed until our faces ached.
The Lanka challenge is not easy, sometimes its quite scary and its tiring, but its also a huge amount of fun, its massively rewarding and its truly the best and most amazing holiday experience that we have ever had and we can’t recommend it enough”.


Nicholas Tyral (Australian), Team TNT-oi

"The guys have this trip down to a fine art."

“The guys have this trip down to a fine art. During our travel we were far enough off the beaten track to feel this was a proper adventure but also supported just the right amount to know that if we really needed something we would be supported. The places we saw and the people that we met really made this an experience I will never forget. Getting to know the locals and truly interacting with them is was makes this type of travel special.
In 10 days I felt that we got to see Sri Lanka like few people do, real, honest and authentic.
Nick also has a blog, check it out here.


Chris O´rell (South African), Team Top Cougar

“A memorable life experience”

“Large Minority managed to strike the perfect balance between organisation rigour and genuine personal adventure. Their attention to detail, which was unflappable, did not in any way hinder the personal freedom and liberation of seeing the beautiful country, which is Sri Lanka, from the drivers’ seat of a tuk-tuk. We had the freedom to travel in our own time, interacting with the local flavour and culture from the disarming and conversational starting position of a tuk-tuk while knowing help, if required, was just a local call away and that our nights accommodation and meal was already organised to highest of standards. A great feat of organisational skill. I look forward to the next memorable life experience.”


Malcolm Chaney (Australian), Team Aussie Tukrobane

“A rewarding Challenge like no other”

“Somedays…you are sitting at work in your cubicle, bored, and wishing you were doing something more exciting than spreadsheets– but what? Now close your eyes and imagine you are racing along in a half motorbike, half car, 3 wheeled contraption, the engine is deafening, and a bus is trying to pass you on the inside, and there is a cow on the road ahead. It is hot, humid and you are still feeling the after effects of the previous day (and nights) activities. Hang on! You focus, make room for the bus, you deftly avoid the cow, and you are on to your next adventure!
My son (Josh) and I completed the Lanka Challenge in 2012. I had heard about this event on a plane returning home from the USA, on the BBC channel. I knew immediately that was something I had to do. I enjoyed it so much, I returned in 2014, this time with my dear wife, Sandra (who is Sri Lankan). Each day you are set challenges, sometimes to get to a particular location (no GPS or Maps), then complete a fun but diabolical challenge, which in most cases taught us something about the local culture. I can thoroughly recommend the Lanka Challenge, especially for those of you interested in getting off the normal tourist trails. It is perfect for open minded, laid back people who are a tiny bit crazy. This is not a relaxing holiday, it is very much a very rewarding challenge like no other.”


Luke Harrison (Australian), Team Bruno Goes Wild

“Tuk us to greatness”

“Pre Lanka Challenge we thought that we had travelled the world comprehensively whilst haven experienced the depths of many cultures and adrenalin fuelled adventures. Post Lanka Challenge came the realisation that travelling abroad should not be done by a Lonely Planet book and thus better, Large Minority adventure travel. There is no day the same on Lanka Challenge, you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of the adventure and the endurance end of challenges yet next minute….(you’ll have to find out). A very unique adventure which not only covers the landscaped beauty of Sri Lanka but also respectfully connects you with the local communities and ancient traditions. Any adventure (worldwide) wouldn’t be so successful without the experienced team and support staff behind the scenes everyday.”


Ross Letten (British), Team Tuk for a Ride

“The most incredible and rewarding trip ever”

“Let me reiterate our thanks for organising such an amazing Lanka Challenge event. We’ve been travelling for over 40 years, and the Lanka Challenge is far and away the most incredible and rewarding trip I’ve ever done. The most admirable aspect was the ‘light touch’ achieved – never bossy or prescriptive, just gentle guidance and warning.”


Tim Hartford (British), Team Tuxedo

“Mentally and physically challenging”

“Who else can claim they have circumnavigated Sri Lanka and Cambodia driving a Rickshaw? Or bought fuel in a coke bottle whilst wearing pyjamas? I truly believe there is no better way to see a complete country and get down with the local culture. You just can’t do this on a tour. Make no mistake, this is a mentally and physically challenging adventure that will test you in many ways. The social side plays the biggest part – we made a great group of friends and every night was a party. LARGE minority gave us an expertly planned fully-inclusive holiday which would be nearly impossible to organise on your own, all for a great price and still supporting local charities. Bring on the next location!”


Stewart “Sooty” Kreltszheim (Australian), Machangs on Tour

“I have never laughed so much”

“You don’t get many opportunities to go on an adventure with a group of people from all corners of the globe who are intent on having a good time no matter what – I have never laughed so much!!!   The Lanka Challenge was full of once in a lifetime events and it took you to places seldom seen by the normal tourist.  By far the best part was the way it immersed you into local customs and local communities in a fun and adventurous way.  I have made lifelong friends and created lifelong memories which will be hard to match.  Thank you to the Large Minority Team for creating the space to have so much fun.”


Tilde and Stina (Danish), Team Nurses on an Adventure

“The trip has it all”

“We did it! We did the Lanka Challenge 2015 and what an adventure it was! This trip has it all. Here you don’t just see the country through the window of a bus. Driving around the country in a Tuk Tuk, interacting with the locals in various challenges and meeting the other participants from all over the world and all in name of charity. All logistics are organized for you. Just show up, have an open mind and enjoy.
You don’t need to be an expert driver. We are two nurses without years and years of driving experience and we come from a right side driving country (Sri Lanka has left side driving). We soon got the hang of it and enjoyed the many hours of driving through beautiful Sri Lanka. The challenges are fun and some of them can be quite difficult to solve, some teams are more competitive than others..;) but at the end of the day all the teams get together and socialize with good food and drinks.”


Natasha Tome (Canadian), Team Flippin Fast

“The best way to test your fortitude”

“The Lanka Challenge is the best way to test your fortitude, see a country ‘off the beaten track’ and interact with locals, which results in an unforgettable experience. It was great fun, and such a unique way to see the country. Wonderful friendships were forged, an insight into Sri Lanka was achieved, and memories made for a lifetime.”


Warut Phanomphaithoon (Thai), Team Noodle Fantasy

“Two thumbs up!”

“Who needs a tour guide when you can make your own way around Sri Lanka? Lanka Challenge was a fun-filling-10-day-trip with amazing people from all over the world. Lanka Challenge is definitively one of the world’s most adventurous activities. It’s not only about winning the Challenge but also about helping the kind people of Sri Lanka. It offers you a chance to absorb the Lankan culture and eventually turn into one of them for a while. Believe me when I say that Large minority’s team will make you do things Lankan style. Large minority has done it this time and I am sure they will do it again… Two thumbs up for the good people at Large minority and those who participated in the event in 2015.”


Daniella Morozak (Australian), Team Alice in Lanka Land

“WOW did the Lanka Challenge deliver!”

“We wanted something a bit out of the ordinary, something that would challenge us and truly expose us to the genuine side of Sri Lanka. Not just the normal touristy side but the raw and real Sri Lanka and… WOW did the Lanka Challenge deliver! The food, the landscape and the amazing people all mixed in with daily challenges and a little 3 wheeler to get us from start to finish – It truly was an epic adventure. We have amazing memories and at the risk of sounding cliche, it really was a once in a lifetime trip. I think Large Minority have sparked a new travel addiction and we are already planning our next challenge. See you soon Philippines! ”

The Amazon


Mike Corey (Canadian), Team Kick the Grind

“You go deep into places few have ventured”

“Putting the race aside for a second, the Amazon Challenge was the most authentic trip I have been on in my life as a traveller. You go DEEP into places few have ventured, and really feel like you’re getting the full experience. Its a great mix of challenge and immersion. For example, a spear throwing challenge in the middle of a tiny village where you have 100 locals cheering you on and laughing at your inability to throw a spear correctly at a tumbling wooden ball. My top 3 challenges: 1. Kayaking through the flooded rainforests of the Amazon. 2. Chilling with the Huitoto Shaman, and experiencing traditional Amazonian medicine. 3. Making a shelter, and sleeping in a hammock in the jungle, far from civilization. But really, the whole trip was WILD. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a challenge, and craves a life of trying new things. There were many firsts for us on this trip”. Mike’s Youtube Channel


"Porque no?"

Jessica Rader (American), Team Porque No?

“Personal growth, adventure, total cultural immersion, beautiful surroundings, cut throat card games and caipirinhas in the jungle… We started our trip a little apprehensive but our survival rating soared as we not only fished for piranhas but swam with them as well.  We expected hikes in the jungle and walks through local villages, but we couldn’t have dreamed of falling in love with the daily thunderstorms (which luckily rarely impacted our plans) and falling asleep to the water drop songs of the backpacker birds. The trip was an amazing lesson in the power of nature and how people are able thrive in the most challenging of conditions.
The thrill of beating our guide and locals in a game of blow darts while we visited San Martin will last for years to come! We cannot thank Large Minority enough for all of the planning and coordinating the logistics for our trip. It was a great experience to get to know our boat drivers and sometimes get to meet their families. We now realize that you haven’t really bonded with someone until you paddle down the river in a rainstorm singing “Sweet Home Amazonas” set to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama. The people we met and the places we visited are forever in our hearts and whenever anyone asks us why we went on this crazy adventure we ask, “Por que no?”


Ryan Beall (American), Juan’s Kneken boat rentals, a MoMieux enterprise

“It was an epic trip”

“What can I say…the trip of a lifetime! I’ve been fortunate enough to have joined some of the previous Large Minority trips. The Amazon Challenge has a similar feel to the other Large Minority adventures – great group of people organizing and attending, authentic activities that bring us closer to the culture we are visiting, challenges that push us mentally and physically. On this trip, we trekked through the rainforest, canoed and swam down the river, stayed with local indigenous tribes (even went to a birthday party of one of their local tribal members!), fished for piranhas, competed in blow dart and spear throwing competitions, and more. Accommodations ranged from sleeping in a hammock you hang in the jungle to tribal homestays to hotels. It was an epic trip – you’re gone for a week, but it feels like you’re gone for a month!”

The Philippines


Christophe Beaumont (Dutch), Team Abusement Park

“Larger than life (minority)”

“As many experienced travelers, I tend to stay as far away as possible from anything “group organized”, so I was a little iffy the first time we came in touch with Large Minority. But as soon as we met everyone in Lanka all those worries were wiped away. The LM guys do a really great job at balancing out the ‘to be completed tasks’ of the challenge in a way that gives you freedom to complete them in a manner of your own choosing. It is an adventure!
In 2016 we were part of the pioneer pirates to sail the Philippines in the first edition of the Philippines Sailing Challenge, which was another great success! An extra added value on this adventure is that you get to hang out with your own local crew for the whole week. It’s a very cool way to attain some perspective on the destination, its culture and it’s people. We
absolutely loved it!” Chris’ Instagram


Laura Davis (British), Team Hey Buoy Hey Girl

“Perfect for anyone who likes a challenge”

“The Philippines Sailing Challenge was unlike any other we’d been on. From the stunning surroundings to the friendly people, we couldn’t recommend the experience more highly. The sailing was ideal for beginners, with a fantastic group of Filipino guys forming the huge crew – and you’ll meet a great mix of people from around the world in the other teams too, all up for the experience. The ethical aspect of Large Minority was also a huge draw for us. Giving back to, and getting to know the local community was an important part of the experience. It’s exhausting, but in a good way… don’t think the organisation would in any way hinder your adventure – the planning massively improves it. Perfect for anyone who likes a challenge.”



Vicky Brentnall (British), Team Newlyweds

“We had a fab time!”

“Well they say your honeymoon should be something you never forget and this sure has been that!! Thanks to Julian and Juan from Large Minority for an amazing Cambo Challenge, we had a fab time and experienced Asia in a way you never would on your own. Unfortunately it has come to an end and we have to go home but the memories will last a lifetime…and we just have to start planning which challenge we do next!!”


Lianne Dawes (British), Team Booty Tukkers

“Quite literally the adventure of a lifetime”

“Everyone I tell about my time on the Cambo Challenge, even those who have been to Cambodia, are jealous of it. It’s quite literally the adventure of a lifetime. On reflection this trip was incredible for so many reasons, of course the challenge of driving tuk tuks on bumpy, water logged, dusty roads, to unknown destinations, unable to speak the language was exciting (and at times frustrating) but we’d expected that. More though, the experience of meeting such incredible people who gave us a hand, petrol, a tyre, when our tuk tuks gave up, got the whole family and village involved in helping us find our way when we were lost, and were willing to welcome us in to their homes and share their stories with us, these are the experiences that I will truly treasure and that made the Cambo Challenge such an amazing trip!” Read her blog.


Jamie Raskin (Canadian), Team Tanuki

“Smart, creative, playful and good times”

“People keep asking me about the Cambo Challenge and I think I’ve nailed what makes it so incomparable for me, it’s all about the human interactions. The group were fun, switched on, non-competitive and from all over the map. The challenges got us past our barriers and into authentic Cambodian communities and interactions. The Large minority team were smart, creative, playful and good times. Traveling by tuk tuk was crazy, liberating and totally engaging with your surroundings, and Cambodia itself…half confronting, half embracing and incomparable throughout. We loved it.” Read their blog.