Amazon Challenge – Jungle Adventure

The best Amazon Jungle adventure in South America.

Amazon Challenge

Do you what it takes to tackle the Amazon Challenge? Fancy competing in our own version of the indigenous olympics? Or how about rubbing shoulders with some pink dolphins? Keen to dodge piranhas as you paddle downstream? Do you often have vivid dreams about hammocks? Do you like to take your adventure with a spoonful of ‘oomph’? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, it sounds like you were born for the Amazon Challenge. Our Amazon Rainforest Challenge is the ultimate bucket list adventure holiday in South America.

Your starting point for this Amazon Challenge is the Colombian town of Leticia, a hidden gem nestled between Colombia, Peru and Brazil in the area known as Tres Fronteras. Traversing through jungle and river from the corner of the Colombian Amazon to Peru and Brazil, this is the kind of adventure you’ll tell your grandkids about, and then they’ll tell their grandkids, etc. Do this, and you will become a family legend, and your photograph will be passed down from generation to generation. Probably.

Using dugout canoes, kayaks, your own two feet, and Amazonian long boats, you’ll have to employ your cunning and resourcefulness to get to where you’re going. Imagine The Amazing Race, minus the cameras. That’s this. Over the course of 8 days, you’ll be tackling some of the least-visited parts of the Amazon Rainforest alongside other teams, as well as completing daily challenges and enjoying the comfort of our exceptional jungle accommodation when night falls.

You’ll be immersed in local communities and culture, and the whole trip is designed to make sure your presence directly benefits the locals you’ll meet along the way. It’s the best jungle adventure trip in South America. Period.

Amazon Challenge Details 

Colombia, Peru and Brazil Jungle Adventure
7 nights (includes 1 jungle camping night)
8 days 
10 teams
20 challengers

We arrange all of your accommodation. We ensure a big chunk of your entry fee goes towards helping local communities. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy. It´s the adventure of a lifetime!


1Arrivals LeticiaTicunaUtuane Hotel
2Los KilometrosHuitotoIndigenous Maloca
3San MartinTicunaHomestay (hammocks)
4Puerto NarinoTicunaHotel Waira Selva
5MarashaOmaguasJungle Campsite
6SacambuOmaguasHomestay (hammocks)
7LeticiaTicunaUtuane Hotel
8Dep. LeticiaTicunaN/A

* Route subject to change.

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  • Ground and boat transportation for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Accommodation for 2 people (7 nights) in double, twin or shared basis. Camping gear and hammocks also provided. 
  • Activities; indigenous Olympics (blow pipe, Diwe, canoeing, swimming), kayaking, piranha fishing, trekking, cultural challenges, bird watching, pink dolphin spotting, night walks, nocturnal cayman spotting.
  • 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 7 dinners plus snacks and water throughout the Challenge. 
  • Challenge logistics & legal (medical & support team, luggage boat, permits).
  • Welcome Pack (walkie-talkie, map, t-shirt, event bag, phrase book, navigational sheets). Gumboots also provided.
  • Emergency & Medical travel insurance for the duration of the Challenge.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Awards ceremony & farewell party.

Other costs 

  • Flights and visas.
  • Tourism tax in Leticia (approx. $15).
  • Day to day costs (approx. $15 per day for lunches not incl. and drinks).

Sign Up

March 2018
16th to 23rd 2018

Team of 2: USD $2,000 per person

October 2018
27th Oct to 3rd Nov 2018

Team of 2: USD $2,200 per person

Early bird discount 10% off 

  • Only USD$499 / £333 initial deposit required to signup.
  • Outstanding amount is only required 90 days before the start of Challenge.
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