Large minority trips: The perfect honeymoon adventure

After all the work that goes into a wedding, you want to have a holiday to relax afterward. So why would you opt for an adventure honeymoon you ask? Well, there are lots of reasons, including that they’re awesome. But if you need more convincing than that, read on.


We’ve recently done a bit of science (and maths) and proven that Large Minority trips – be it the India Challenge, Lanka Challenge, or Italy Tuk Tuk Adventure – are the perfect honeymoon adventure. Nothing says ¨I love you¨ like navigating a Tuk Tuk 1200kms around a foreign country whilst dressed as a giraffe.  Adventure honeymoon destinations

When looking into countries to visit as you start your married life together, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Italy and even Pakistan are pretty great choices. They’ve got sunshine, beautiful scenery, fantastic culture, and very welcoming people. Those looking for THE honeymoon for active couples will be able to get deeper under the surface of these brilliant locations with Large Minority.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, that´s all we have to say.

You’ll probably go on many trips together during your marriage, but if you really want your honeymoon to stand out, racing a Tuk Tuk is definitively the way forward to create memories that you’ll never forget. (Sorry, did I say racing?  It most definitely isn´t a race, it's a challenge that we will all help each other through!)

Really get to know your other half

Having decided that you’ve found your perfect partner in life, strengthen that bond by undertaking the ultimate challenge. Not only will you be faced with the practicalities of getting your ride around Italy or navigating the rugged mountains of Pakistan, but you’ll be given daily tasks to complete too. There’s no better way to cement your union.

Give something back

Large Minority’s honeymoons in Asia don’t just celebrate your union, but also give back to the communities in the countries you visit. Getting married involves looking beyond yourself and what better testament to this than giving back to local projects that make a difference in people’s lives?

Stand out from the crowd

When people ask what you did for your honeymoon or to see the pictures, you’re sure to have different stories from everybody else. Don’t pick a run-of-the-mill honeymoon, go for something really fun, which reflects your personality as a couple and will provide great stories for the rest of your lives.

Adventure honeymoons don’t mean slumming it

Just because you’re completing a challenge in Asia as part of your honeymoon doesn’t mean there aren’t luxury aspects too. You’ll stay in some stunning boutique hotels and there will be plenty of opportunities to kick back and relax with your new husband or wife – you’ll just be joined by a sense of achievement.