What makes Sri Lanka so gosh-darn amazing?

Sri Lanka is not just another tourist destination.


Did we just say amazing?

Scenic landscapes, hypnotising stretches of tea plantations, nostalgic colonial hill stations and historical ruins are just but a part of the description of a country that offers some of the most enchanting treasures for travellers. To crown it all, it is inhabited by some of the warmest people, who love to smile.

Parade of landscapes

It’s that simple. You cannot go anything lower than exquisite when describing the beauty that nature has so thankfully bestowed upon the amazing island of Sri Lanka. It begins with the hilly terrains, on to the beckoning landscapes of lush tea plantations, the soothing waterfalls and the peaceful flow of the rivers, to the enticing beaches and on and on to more unsung natural treasures which you'll explore during the Lanka Challenge.

The Food

It’s quite possible to taste each of the traditional dishes wherever you go. You have to try out Kiribath, which is basically rice cooked in coconut milk and the legendary rice and curry. The ambulthiyal, is a sour fish curry dish that is one of the locals’ favourite curry. Other foods include hoppers and kottu. The best desserts are fruits and curd with kitul (local treacle).

A Rich Culture

Sri Lanka is a rich blend of ethnicities and religions. By driving a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka, you’ll meet some of the most amazing locals and get their views of Sri Lankan culture. The religious town of Kandy is home to the Tooth Relic of the Buddha, the centre for practice of Buddhism in the country. The people’s vibrancy gets a chance to be expressed during the Perahera season which happens every year. The largest parade in the streets of the Kandy region.

Among the many pilgrimage destinations is Adam’s Peak or summit of Sri Pada. Buddhists and Hindus believe that the Buddha left an imprint of his foot on a large rock at the top. Muslims, on the hand, believe that the footprint was left by Adam when he was hurled out of paradise.