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Life changing adventures.

Team adventures and challenges in beautiful locations that give back to the communities we visit.





Since organising the first ever tuk-tuk adventure around Sri Lanka in 2009, we’ve been striving to create the best gosh-darned adventure holidays in the world! From driving tuk-tuks across Sri Lanka and Cambodia, Italy and Croatia, to sailing the pristine islands of the Philippines and exploring the Amazon jungle in Colombia, we make the surreal, real. Some good old-fashioned adventure goodness. We’ve put in the hard graft and organised all the very best bits so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the adventure by day and relax in well-earned comfort at night. Checking a map every now and then is encouraged, but ultimately optional. Changing the way we see the world, one awesome adventure at a time!

About Our Adventures

A mental and physical challenge.

Our Adventures

Upcoming Adventures

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure


August 31 - September 7 2024· 7 nights

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the lakes, vineyards and contrasting landscapes of Northern Italy.


Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure - September

Sri Lanka

September 9 - 18 2024· 9 nights

Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Adventure - September

Three wheels. Two tuks. One epic ride.

FROM$2,895.56/pp $3,047.96/pp

Pakistan Tuk-Tuk Adventure


September 23 - October 2 2024· 9 nights

Pakistan Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the rugged, contrasting landscapes of Northern Pakistan.


Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure


October 5 - 13 2024· 8 nights

Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Explore the lakes, vineyards and contrasting landscapes of Northern Italy.


Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure


November 22 - 30 2024· 8 nights

Cambodia Tuk-Tuk Adventure

Start your engines. We’re going to Cambodia.



We are excited to share with you some of the travel testimonials from our past adventurists, who have enjoyed life-changing journeys with us.


Wow! Words cannot describe our amazing adventure. I would give a 10 star rating for every category. I will be boosting and recommending this adventure to everyone that will listen. I would not change a single moment, you have the best recipe already. We did this adventure at ages 61-69. Everyone that is capable should experience this once in a lifetime adventure. It was challenging at time but so amazing.

Erma, 3 Tukking Canadians Eh


This was the most amazing, immersive type trip I have every taken. I was challenged at time and felt huge pride at some of my accomplishments. Thank You again for providing this opportunity it was sensational. Q.What did you like most about the Adventure? A.That it pushed us to engage, even without a common language.

Sally, Dames from Downunder


What did you like most about the Adventure? Absolutely everything - went beyond our expectations yet again. Perfectly organised for our group of 16. Enjoyed the daily challenges and how it created opportunities for us to explore different things. Loved the variety of accommodations and the people we met along the way. Appreciate the Large Minority team and can't wait for our next adventure. Our whole NZ team were so impressed - it was amazing to bring 12 'newbies.¨



The Italy Tuk-Tuk adventure was a special holiday indeed! Excellent support and communication from [LM team]. Lovely accommodations, plus thoughtful options like the pasta make-it-then-eat-it meal. Our fellow travelers, previously unknown to us, all brought joy, humor and positive attitudes. For us, it was just the right balance of "togetherness" and independent wandering about every day. Even the rainy days were a treat! Highly recommend this tour.

Eileen, Festina Lente


Driving your own Tuk Tuk is the absolute best way to see the beautiful country of Sri Lanka and experience the hospitality, kindness and charm of the people. These little machines each have their own personalities and you will get to knows yours. There will probably be some arguments with it but there will also be a hole lot of love. Do you think – “sounds great, but how do I organise it? ” No worries, all logistics, mechanics and permits are all taken care of for you. All you have to do is to sign up and navigate your way through Sri Lanka. Did you just see a sign about elephants crossing the road and didn’t get the picture. Well no problem, you just turn around and get your pic. No chauffeur will complain about time and money, cause you are your own chauffeur. How fiercely you want to take on the challenges and the competition part is all up to you. But give it a try and it will bring you closer to the Sri Lankan culture and it is great fun.”


As many experienced travelers, I tend to stay as far away as possible from anything “group organized”, so I was a little iffy the first time we came in touch with Large Minority. But as soon as we met everyone in Lanka all those worries were wiped away. The LM guys do a really great job at balancing out the ‘to be completed tasks’ of the challenge in a way that gives you freedom to complete them in a manner of your own choosing. It is an adventure! In 2016 we were part of the pioneer pirates to sail the Philippines in the first edition of the Philippines Sailing Challenge, which was another great success! An extra added value on this adventure is that you get to hang out with your own local crew for the whole week. It’s a very cool way to attain some perspective on the destination, its culture and it’s people. We absolutely loved it!



Well they say your honeymoon should be something you never forget and this sure has been that!! Thanks to Julian and Juan from Large Minority for an amazing Cambo Challenge, we had a fab time and experienced Asia in a way you never would on your own.

Vicky Brentnall (British), Team Newlyweds



Travel is way too important not to do it properly. If you’re going to cross oceans, explore the Amazon Rainforest and ride tuk tuks in the name of Adventure, it may as well be responsible adventure & responsible travel: a trip that treads lightly, eats noisily and gives a little something back.

All of our Adventure Challenges are geared around fundraising and responsible travel. It’s kind of our thing. That means that up to 5% of our profit goes straight back to flagship charity projects and tree-planting campaigns in the countries we visit. The grassroots organisations that can really make a difference in the world.

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