The Adventure




Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventures

The ultimate Italy Adventure - drive a tuk-tuk, explore the country and complete challenges



The Adventure

Our Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure is the ultimate combination of Italian adventure and cultural immersion! Plenty of people have seen Italy. But how many people have seen Italy from behind the wheel of a traditional Italian Piaggio Ape (which, as far as we can tell, is a tuk-tuk with an Italian accent)? We don’t know for sure, but we reckon it’s somewhere between ‘basically a few’ and ‘maybe not that many people’. 

The tuk-tuk you will be driving on his great Italian adventure will be a classic Piaggio Ape, as you might imagine, being Italian, it's naturally better looking and just that tiny bit sexier than all other tuk-tuks. Are you with us so far? Good. 

Anyway, on this 9-day long Italian tuk-tuk adventure – during which you’ll drive around as part of a team of 2/3 and complete challenges to accrue points – through northern Italy, you’ll channel your inner alter ego “I am a participant on Race Across the world or Amazing race” while being dumbfounded by rugged Italian beauty and spending very large chunks of time getting wonderfully lost down idyllic country lanes.

Everything will be ready for you. You just have to get there to start the adventure of a lifetime.

The Highlights

We are sure you want to know more about what really makes this trip unique... so here we go



Our Italy tuk-tuk adventure does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s in Italy. It’s an Adventure. You drive your own tuk-tuk’s. And an Italian adventure is pretty much guaranteed. But really, there’s so much more in the tin than that: there’s vineyards, getting lost and the occasional bit of road rage.

Fun guaranteed

Fun guaranteed

Our tuk-tuk adventure is about new experiences, cultural immersion but mainly about having fun – the adventure type of fun. Where you have to work for it, get dirty but finish off indulging in a great glass of wine and outrageously delicious food while laughing about the challenges of today.

Win a Prize

Win a Prize

Join, accumulate points and win a prize. How do you get points? By nailing various challenges, we set you along the way. It’s not a race, it is an adventure challenge! So forget about setting a new Italian ground-speed record in a tuk-tuk.

Our Italy tuk-tuk adventure will test your wits, endurance, navigational skills and grasp of the Italian language to the absolute maxxx (yes, three x’s). 

What else is there to say? As far as we’re concerned, there are two ways to see Italy: in a tuk-tuk, or not in a tuk-tuk. And we’re going with one.

Who’s coming?  

 Training and driving lessons on arrival day.

 Accommodation for 2 or 3 people (8 nights) in double, twin or triple rooms. 1 room per team.

 8 delicious locally-made breakfasts.

 Welcome dinner in Milan, the first night.

 Italy tuk-tuk Adventure logistics & legal stuff (mechanics, support team, permits, luggage truck).

 Welcome pack (sim card, map, t-shirt, event bag, phrase-book, navigational sheets).

 Emergency & Medical travel insurance for the duration of the Italy Tuk-tuk adventure.

 Awards ceremony & farewell party.

Flights, visas, airport transfers.

Day to day costs (lunch, dinner, drinks & gratuities)

Spare parts and repairs (approx. total £40-120 per team).

Fuel (approx. total £100 per team).


Check out what others have said about our Italy Tuk-Tuk Adventure.


“As a Tuk Tuk ‘virgin’ but an Italy ‘veteran’ I was really excited to join the inaugural Italy Tuk Tuk Adventure….and I was definitely not disappointed. From magnificent countryside to the mayhem of Milan, through the Barolo wine country and along the Mediterranean coast we had a blast! Fantastic hotels and wonderful food and wine (and the company was pretty good, too) we spent 8 days in this beautiful country amusing the locals and impressing even the most hardened Italian bikers in our 7 horsepower steeds. I’ll definitely be back….and I can’t wait.”

Mark, Team Mark


“Went on the inaugural Italy adventure and it was great. A previous customer from Sri Lanka and Cambodia so doing a convenient week long European trip was perfect for maximal holiday time. This trip was a great chance to enjoy Western niceties whilst still having the fun of the tuktuks. The locals loved them, weather was great, as were the food and drink and the views and sites too. A great first timers option – take the plunge for something different!”

Dave, Team Can’t Catch This