The Adventure




Philippines Sailing Adventure

Beautiful sailing chaos on the high seas for non-sailors.


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The Adventure

Welcome to the Philippines Challenge, the sailing adventure holiday for non-sailors. Aboard a locally skippered ‘paraw’ tri-maran you’ll embark on a voyage over the turquoise oceans and across pristine, uninhabited islands around Boracay. If you can sail, great, but if not, your skipper and crew will take care of the navigational stuff for you. It’s just up to you to make sure they’re going the right way. There will be challenges in the Philippines Sailing Challenge – think fishing for your dinner, climbing coconut trees and generally using your cunning and resourcefulness to outsmart the other teams – and there will be chaos. It’s Castaway, minus Tom Hanks. BYO Wilson. 

The challenge is split into several legs, each slightly more awesome than the last and there will be a combination of sea based and Island based challenges. You’ll be challenged physically, mentally and sailingly (that’s a new word), but a little slice of island paradise will never be far away. And the whole thing is designed to make meaningful contributions to the communities and cultures you’ll visit along the way, so you can rest assured that your epic adventure has impacted the Philippines positively. So grab a team of 2 or 3, sign on the dotted line, and join us for the Philippines Sailing Challenge. It’s chaos on the high seas. And it’s all you ever dreamed of! 


The Highlights

We are sure you want to know more about what really makes this trip unique... so here we go



Like our terra-firma challenges, the Philippines Sailing Adventure is broken up into different legs. Every teams gets a daily navigational sheet, which they’ve got to use to get from Point A to Point B each day. The winning team is the one that reaches the day’s end point the fastest, combined with the total accumulated Challenge points* from the various crazy things we make you do. You’ve all seen Amazing Race, right?

The Details

The Details

We arrange all of your accommodation. We give 5 % of our profits to local communities/charities. All you have to do is turn up, get in and sail the damned things. You won’t find another sailing adventure like it.

The Paraw

The Paraw

These tri-marans are unique to the Visayas region of The Philippines. It’s sort of like an outrigger canoe with a sail on top. Light, fast and very sturdy. They were originally used by the locals as fishing boats.

Why The Philippines?

Think white sandy beaches, uninhabited tropical islands and crystal clear turquoise waters. All of which you’ll be navigating while sailing your very own traditional tri-maran. But even though we’ve swapped land for sea, this is still a Large Minority challenge. There will be strangeness, surprises, near misses and much eating of food. Welcome aboard. 

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What´s Included

✔ Training and sailing lessons on arrival day. 

✔ Accommodation for 2 or 3 people –  in double, twin or triple rooms & 3 nights of rustic beach life with hammocks (provided) and homestays. 

 ✔ Hire and use of ‘paraw’ tri-maran for the duration of the Challenge. 

 ✔ Half Board – delicious locally-made breakfasts and dinners along the way 

 ✔ Challenge logistics & legal (medical & support team, luggage boat, permits). 

 ✔ A local ‘paraw’ skipper and crew of 2 for the duration of the Challenge. 

✔ Welcome Pack (walkie-talkie, map, t-shirt, event bag, phrase book, navigational sheets). 

 ✔ Awards ceremony & farewell party.

 ✔ 5% contribution to our Meaningful Travel projects 

Flights, visas, airport transfers

 ✘ Paraw pimpin  

 ✘Day to day costs (approx. £30 per day for lunch and drinks) 



An extra added value on this adventure is that you get to hang out with your own local crew for the whole week. It’s a very cool way to attain some perspective on the destination, its culture and it’s people. We absolutely loved it!

Christophe Beaumont (Dutch), Team Abusement Park


The Philippines Sailing Challenge was unlike any other we’d been on. From the stunning surroundings to the friendly people, we couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.

Laura Davis (British), Team Hey Buoy Hey Girl