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Amazon Jungle Adventure

The best Amazon Jungle adventure in South America.


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The Adventure

Do you have what it takes to tackle the Amazon Challenge? Fancy competing in our own version of the indigenous olympics? Or how about rubbing shoulders with some pink dolphins? Keen to dodge piranhas as you paddle downstream? Do you often have vivid dreams about hammocks? Do you like to take your adventure with a spoonful of ‘oomph’? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above, it sounds like you were born for the Amazon Challenge. 

Our Amazon Rainforest Challenge is the ultimate bucket list adventure holiday in South America. Your starting point for this Amazon Challenge is the Colombian town of Leticia, a hidden gem nestled between Colombia, Peru and Brazil in the area known as Tres Fronteras. Traversing through jungle and river from the corner of the Colombian Amazon to Peru and Brazil, this is the kind of adventure you’ll tell your grandkids about, and then they’ll tell their grandkids, etc. Do this, and you will become a family legend, and your photograph will be passed down from generation to generation. Probably. Using dugout canoes, kayaks, your own two feet, and Amazonian long boats, you’ll have to employ your cunning and resourcefulness to get to where you’re going. 

You’ll be tackling some of the least-visited parts of the Amazon Rainforest alongside other teams, completing daily challenges and enjoying the comfort of our exceptional jungle accommodation when night falls. It’s the best jungle adventure trip in South America. Period. 


The Highlights

We are sure you want to know more about what really makes this trip unique... so here we go



Like Apocalypto, but less scary. Bring it on. If you ever watched Indiana Jones navigate his way through treacherous jungle, dodging snakes and piranhas and looking badass, and thought, ‘Pfft, I could do that’ – now’s the time to prove it. Introducing our Amazon Challenge.



Imagine yourself in the jungle, miles from anywhere, stuck in a dugout canoe, hoping that thing floating nearby is a log and not a caiman, and trying to find a hidden lake where your only hope of progressing is to search out your next clue. Imagine an 8-day trip from Leticia in the Colombian Amazon, paddling in local canoes



Not really, but it will definitely be challenging. Dealing with heat, humidity and creepy crawlies is the big thing, but you’ll definitely make it out in one piece. If you’re sensible, cautious and responsible you’ll be fine. Besides, we will have a serious crew looking after you – which includes medical personnel.

Why is the Amazon so damn amazing?

How much time do you have? It’s the world longest river and largest rainforest. It’s home to hundreds of friendly indigenous tribes, some of whom have had very little contact with the outside world. Some of the rainforest you’ll be trekking through has hardly seen another human in its lifetime. And it’s home to dozens of amazing creatures straight out of a David Attenborough documentary. If you want remote, crazy adventure – this is where you go. 

Man walking across wooden pier in Amazon

What´s Included

✔ Ground and boat transportation for the duration of the Challenge. 

✔ Accommodation for 2 people in double, twin or shared basis. Camping gear and hammocks also provided. You mainly sleep in a jungle camp. 

 ✔ Accommodation for 2 or 3 people (9 nights) in double, twin or triple rooms. 1 room per team.

 ✔ Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners plus snacks and water throughout the Challenge. 

 ✔ Challenge logistics & legal (medical & support team, luggage boat, permits). 

 ✔Welcome Pack (walkie-talkie, map, t-shirt, event bag, phrase book, navigational sheets). Wellies also provided. 

 ✔ Awards ceremony & farewell party.

 ✔ 5% contribution to our Meaningful Travel projects 

Flights, visas, airport transfers.

 ✘ Tourism tax in Leticia (approx. £15). 

 ✘ Fuel (approx. total £100 per team).

 ✘Day to day costs (approx. £15 per day for anything not incl. and drinks on the days you are not in the jungle). 



Putting the race aside for a second, the Amazon Challenge was the most authentic trip I have been on in my life as a traveller. You go DEEP into places few have ventured, and really feel like you’re getting the full experience. Its a great mix of challenge and immersion.

Mike Corey (Canadian), Team Kick the Grind


We expected hikes in the jungle and walks through local villages, but we couldn’t have dreamed of falling in love with the daily thunderstorms (which luckily rarely impacted our plans) and falling asleep to the water drop songs of the backpacker birds. The trip was an amazing lesson in the power of nature and how people are able thrive in the most challenging of conditions.

Jessica Rader (American), Team Porque No?


What can I say…the trip of a lifetime! The Amazon Challenge has a similar feel to the other Large Minority adventures – great group of people organizing and attending, authentic activities that bring us closer to the culture we are visiting, challenges that push us mentally and physically.

Ryan Beall (American)