How To Come Up With An Awesome Team Name...

Your team name will be very important. It will set out who you are and what you stand for to the other Large Minority challengers.


We’re sure you’ve seen the pictures of people hurtling around Sri Lanka in a Tuk-Tuk by now. And you’ve probably decided you’ve got what it takes to complete an adventure challenge of your own. Guts, determination, ingenuity, a sense of humour and a little bit of the old crazy gene.

Once you’ve got your team booked on a Large Minority trip, the next most important step is coming up with a team name. A wise bloke once said: “He who competes with the raddest team name will leave everyone else in their excellently-named dust.” And we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to ensure you do just that!

Why do you need a great name for your adventure challenge?

Your team name will be very important. It will set out who you are and what you stand for to the other Large Minority challengers. It’s how you’ll be identified when someone spots that you’ve broken down at the side of the road or in the retelling of stories over a beer in the evenings.

Most importantly of all, it’ll be your rallying point. Adventure challenges can be tough and it’s not unusual for teams to give each other (and themselves) pep talks. What do you want to be saying to yourself? “Come on Team Free as You’ll Ever Be” or “We can do it Team Here for Beer”!

Ideas for a wicked team name

You can call yourselves whatever you like – although keep it clean please – and you might already have a brilliant idea. But for those who need a little bit of inspiration, here are some of the elements you might like to consider.

Make it personal

A good team name should be relevant to those it represents. How you do this is up to you. Try playing around with themes such as your hometown, how you met or if you’re related, your surname. Teams in the past have used the fact that they’re newlyweds or that both members work as nurses – all good starting points for a cracking team name.

Think about your destination

Using Cambodia, Sri Lanka or the Philippines as part of your name is a fab idea and will allow you to get creative and connect with the locals. Add a bit of alliteration and you’re there. Name sorted.

Don’t be afraid of puns

Some of the best team names involve a pun. The more cringey and dad joke worthy the better. Everyone likes it when people can laugh at themselves and there’s nothing like a punny team name to break the ice when you meet your fellow challengers. Read how to create great puns here.

Confront your fears

Worried about getting lost on one of the adventure challenges? Concerned that you’ll end up stuck behind a water buffalo? Or uneasy about arguing with your team mate the whole way? They say you should confront your fears head on and nothing makes light of the fact that you’re the world’s worst navigator like putting the words ‘perpetually’ and ‘lost’ into your team name.

Aim high

On the other hand, it is a race and there are some pretty competitive folks out there. If you want to win and don’t care who knows it, wear your heart on your sleeve or your fighting spirit on your Tuk-Tuk, so to speak.

Be silly

If you think we’re over-thinking this, then you might be right. If all else fails, go for something a bit silly. That spirit will get you far on a Large Minority challenge. After all, you are trying to get a small, three-wheeled vehicle across 1,000 kilometres of Cambodian roads on little more than a wing and a prayer.

Got your name? Let us know and we´ll get you signed up to one of our Tuk-Tuk adventure challenges NOW!!